st valentine's day massacre movie trivia

st valentine's day massacre movie trivia

All Critics (9) He also finished the film four days ahead of schedule.

For the massacre scene in the garage, the actors playing the slain gangsters were shown photos and directed as how to fall so their positions were identical to the real photos of the massacre. However, he was killed by machine gunners from an apartment window opposite his apartment building as he was leaving to catch the train on October 23, 1930--one year and nine months after the massacre, not before. 75/100.

The film came in at $200,000 under budget, because Roger Corman re-used sets from other movies, including a mansion that served as Capone's home (even though in reality Al Capone lived in a modest brick house in a working-class neighborhood).

The film, however, was shot in Hollywood's backlots which works against Corman's desire to achieve a docudrama effect. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. At the end of this nonsense, to be sure, there is a massacre to brighten things up a little.

This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. It's a cool, violent film, romantic in a disciplined, disenchanted way about its battling gangsters.

At the beginning of the movie when Peter Gusenberg (George Segal) asks the barkeep where he's getting his beer from, the barkeep answers, "A fellow named Slausen", to which Gusenberg replies, "Slausen?

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Shoot 'em up gangsters, Prohibition era, via Roger Corman. Myrtle is reading the June 1927 edition of "Picture Play" magazine with Leatrice Joy on the cover.

Was this review helpful to you? Concise, efective and entertaining depiction of the notorious bloodshed unleashed by Capone and Moran in 1920s Chicago. [Roger Corman wanted to shoot on location in Chicago, but the presence of modern street fixtures (signs, traffic and street lights) prevented that. |, March 14, 2015 24) What mobster led the gangsters behind the St. Valentine's Day Massacre? |, March 2, 2008 Corman is adept at creating human moments between the plot points, reminding us of the little guys caught up in the war and the human cost of the violence... Roger Corman's rat-tat-tat helming is one of the strengths of this crime flick ... What damages the picture are the performances by the two top-billed stars, Jason Robards and George Segal. | Rating: 4/5, October 9, 2005 Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. (1966) the previous year. |, March 4, 2015 One sealed bottle of Old Log Cabin from the era of this film sold for over £1,000 at auction. She appeared in feature films from 1915-51.

The $4,592 Nick gets for 82 cases of Old Log Cabin bourbon would equate to over $69,000 in 2019. Jack Nicholson was to play Johnny May (Bruce Dern), but instead shows up in a bit part as a henchman, Gino, loading garlic-soaked bullets into a Tommy gun (he was still paid for all seven weeks of the shoot.). Jean Hale said studio head Dick Zanuck wanted her to wear very revealing see-through lingerie for the scene where she fights with George Segal, but she refused. However, the "Tribune" was known at the time for its blatant spelling errors (like "clew" for "clue") and may be responsible for this misconception of Capone's name.

What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast, Kevin Arnold - The Narrator

A contemporary article in "Daily Variety" noted the production spent over $9,000 on 10,000 blanks and 20,000 squibs for this film.

Audience Reviews for The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Jan 10, 2020 The great Paul Frees narrates this accounting of the infamous 1929 killings that took place in Chicago. I mean, they don't call that guy 'Bugs' for nothing! By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy

| Rating: 1.5/4 (voice).

In bit parts, the two assassins disguised as police officers were played by Roger Corman alumni Dick Miller and Jonathan Haze. | Fresh (8) | Rotten (1). JOHN DILLINGER BUGSY SIEGEL MEYER LANSKY AL CAPONE The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre resulted from a struggle between the Irish American gang and the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone . Use the HTML below. When "Bugs" Moran is leaving his hotel just before the massacre, the clerk stops him and says, "You have a call from a Mr. Bernstein in Detroit". After studying photographs they realized they had fallen and collided in the exact way the slain gangsters had fallen and had landed in the correct positions.

However his plan goes awry when the valentine is accidentally delivered to Becky Slater, who then thinks that Kevin wants her back. He's like a mean and psycho version of Bogart. Features two future multiple Academy Award winners, Jason Robards and Jack Nicholson; one future Academy Award nominee, Bruce Dern; and George Segal, who had nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Coming Soon. [Roger Corman reportedly wanted to cast Marlon Brando in the role of Capone. While the movie does accurately portray Aiello aligning himself with George Moran, and conspiring to kill Mafia chieftain Pasqualino "Patsy" Lolordo, he was not killed personally by Al Capone on a train (though Capone was known to kill when seized by a fit of personal rage). The company would buy Seagram's in 1928 and retain that more familiar name.

Coming Soon. Nonetheless, the film delivers and Jason Robards as Al Capone is casting genius. The carefully stylized violence and reconstruction of that era comes off very well. Upon his death, Gusenberg became the final victim of a highly orchestrated crime, Chicago’s most infamous mob hit, which would come to be known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Average Shot Length = ~9.2 seconds. | Rating: 2.5/4 Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox!

The great Paul Frees narrates this accounting of the infamous 1929 killings that took place in Chicago. "Bernstein" was the last name of the four brothers--Abe, Joe, Ray and Izzy--who ran Detroit's murderous "Purple Gang".

0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". In the bed scene she actually did connect to his "privates" and one time when he tossed her she bruised her back when she landed on it wrong.

The massacre had been carefully planned and executed by notorious mobster Al Capone , to eliminate a rival gang boss, George “Bugs” Moran. Corman fans should really see this one, it's very different from his other films, it's like a biographical/historical account of the St. Valentines Day Massacre events, which not many people know much about these days. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Though he's known as "Capone" with an "E", early arrest sheets and "Chicago Tribune" articles listed Capone's name as "Caponi" with an "I". We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Literature Movie Trivia Music Trivia People Religion Science Trivia Sports Trivia Television Video ... Trivia Quiz - The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Category: Crime and Punishment Quiz #171,112. Cinemark

Sign up here. Joan Shawlee, who plays "Edna," the prostitutett0053291 stealing money from Frank Gusenberg (David Canary) on the morning of the massacre, also played the bandleader, "Sweet Sue," in Some Like It Hot (1959), a film that also depicted the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre is a 1967 American gangster film based on the 1929 mass murder of seven members of the Northside Gang (led by George "Bugs" Moran) on orders from Al Capone.It was directed by Roger Corman and written by Howard Browne.Corman called it "the most accurate, authentic gangster film ever." (13 Feb 1990).

drama, March 3, 2019 The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs & The Church of the SubGenius, Fall TV First Look: Find Out What’s Coming, The Best Peacock Original Shows and Movies, All Upcoming Disney Movies: New Disney Live-Action, Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and More. St. Valentine's Day Massacre Fact 9: Johnny May was working on a truck accompanied by his German Shepherd dog, named Highball, who was tied to the bumper of the truck. After approximately 15 years experience as a producer and director of low-budget productions, it was no surprise that he wrapped this production ahead of schedule and well under budget. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. St. Valentine's Day Massacre 15 questions Average , 15 Qns, Chris2K, Jun 20 05 On February 14, 1999 the WWE ran a Pay-Per-View called "St. Valentine's Day Massacre".

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Although the film came in for $2.1 million--having originally been budgeted for $2.5 million--and was thus by far the most expensive film of [Roger Corman's career to that time, he insisted that he could have shaved an extra $1 million off the budget (without changing the script or hiring different and less expensive actors) if he had been allowed to make the film all on Chicago locations with a mostly non-union crew instead of in the Hollywood studios. Seven men … Average score for this quiz is 9 / … Copyright © Fandango. Believe it or not, Gusenberg's pronunciation of Al Capone's name is in fact a source of debate among historians.

|, February 3, 2020

Jason Robards is not a miscast, and this can be seen more easily if you are a virgin from watching De Palma's take on Capone. Surely one of the classic all time episodes of the show?From start to finish this episode is excellent, with three wonderful performances from Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano.I can't recommend this highly enough. The real garage where the massacre took place (2122 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL) was torn down three months after the movie was released. Don't have an account? In the scene where the killer, played by (uncredited) Jack Nicholson, is rubbing garlic in his bullets and says the garlic will cause blood poisoning, that was actually a Sicilian practice, thinking that it would create gangrenous wounds. This fact is evident later when Moran complains to his bodyguards about Bernstein jacking up the price. Welles was willing but Fox vetoed the deal, feeling Welles was "undirectable".

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