shantae characters

shantae characters

Shantae is a olive/tan-skinned young girl with blue eyes and pointy ears of which hang some gold earrings. [4] It was later refined as the transformation dances. Shantae's motherUnknown father (possibly the Warrior)Mimic (uncle) [2], Re-animated version of Shantae (1997) by Hachimitsu-ink, Shantae Talking 5 (Pirate's Curse) (This is the only portrait of Shantae in PC that lacks her vest), Shantae Talking Royal Princess Outfit (Pirate's Curse), Shantae in her Jammies 2 (Half-Genie Hero). The nefarious lady-pirate Risky Boots, Shantae's sworn nemesis and the primary antagonist of the series, is known throughout Sequin Land for her love of wealth, power and all shiny things.
SS he uses normal girls dressed up as mermaids instead. Aside from when she's at particular risk, such as when the Pirate Master was reawakened. He winds up summoning Squid Baron, and they become a, one year has a 8760 hours so his community service would last centuries. [3], The archived version of WayForward's site also depicts Shantae with a very different appearance, as a brunette with a less manga-ish appearance. Voice Actress The first half-genie born between a genie and a human, Harmony is well aware of what her generation represents and feels that it is up to the half-genies to make the biggest difference they can in the world - after all, unless the genies return, there won't be any other half-genies once they pass on. When Barracuda Joe comes back to life, he dumps Sky, saying there's other fish in the sea.

She ends up giving it to Shantae at the end of the adventure. [2] Matt Bozon liked the idea and fleshed out the background and mythology surrounding the character. Her clothes consist of a red bra and harem pants of the same tone, she also has golden wristbands, a tiara on her forehead and a purple collar on her neck.

Throughout the series, Shantae has had the ability to transform into many different things by using her magical powers. A list of characters in the Shantae series.Main CharactersShantae, the Half-Genie Hero A half-genie, the Guardian Genie of Scuttle Town, and the titular protagonist, Shantae works tirelessly to thwart the plans of the nefarious lady-pirate, Risky … Finally, the credits of the game shows a picture of him and his tank trapped in the quicksand of Tan Line Island. Risky Boots, pirates, evil Mimic is the closest thing Shantae has to a family. It is mentioned several times that she doesn't know who her parents are, only that her mother was a genie. She was created by Matt Bozon and Erin Bozon. Since then, four more games have been released on various platforms to wide success. Harmony's mother is the only one who is explicitly dead. A "half-genie" for hire who appears in Half-Genie Hero. Allies Risky is an unchallenged and self-appointed "Queen of the Seven Seas", and will caution and toll anyone to think otherwise. As a family member in a Zombie Clan, Rotty travels the land by caravan gaining worldly skills and threatening to eat people's brains. Since then, four more games have been released on various platforms to wide success. To further the point, during the final confrontation, he taunts Shantae over believing Risky's theories about the gathered dark magic actually being Shantae's own scattered magic, and is flabbergasted when it turns out to be the truth. If the player does not collect all the cackle bats, then Shantae will not get her magic back and she continues having a low self esteem for the remainder of the game. Risky Boots (archenemy), Tinkerbats, Nega-Shantae, Squid Baron, Ammo Baron, Hypno Baron, The Pirate Master, Twitch & Vinegar, Holly Lingerbean, six of the Seven Sirens Their loyalty knows no bounds, and like drones serving a queen they act as an extension of Risky's will. Twitch has a ten second delay when doing stuff, as punishment for failing to destroy Sky, Bolo and Rotty, Casually admitted to Shantae she's not a Half-Genie. [3] An archived version of WayForward's site from 1997 shows that it was indeed one of the original points of her magics. Neither Shantae nor the Warrior himself seem to realize the possible connection. A roaming Siren, who occasionally pokes out from the windows of the Sunken City. Later on, Matt Bozon asked her what she would come up with if she was to create a video game character. An entire realm of evil! She's actually Rottytops, using two aliases.

vanishing from existence after everyone is freed of their memories of her, feeding them to an enormous man-eating worm or stealing everyones' memories of her so that she can live pretty much forever, What she was before she became a living memory is unknown, but, ends up being erased through nobody remembering she exists, she does get to come back from it in the non-canon, Literally what Holly is.

You can only guess what he was planning to do with these.
Risky knew that Shantae's goody-two-shoes nature would change the dark magic back into light magic, allowing Shantae to defeat the Pirate Master. Bolo has eyes for Risky Boots and nearly anything else remotely female, although a brotherly comfort level keeps Shantae outside his level of vision. which ends with her genie half being corrupted and destroyed when she goes to face Risky Boots unprepared. She is then comforted by Bolo, Sky and Mimic, who tell her they will help her protect to Scuttle Town. She also gets an even more revealing "Princess" costume (a gold bikini) in Pirate's Curse. Slightly shy, Shantae is initially afraid of the citizens of Scuttle Town discovering her status as a half-genie. Rotty is obsessed with Shantae and the challenge of corrupting her pure nature. A half-genie, the Guardian Genie of Scuttle Town, and the titular protagonist, Shantae works tirelessly to thwart the plans of the nefarious lady-pirate, Risky Boots, and anyone who would threaten the world. While she initially appears as an old crone, after absorbing Risky Boots' life force she becomes young and agile once again. Once Harmony reveals that Fillin isn't a half-genie, Shantae connects the dots. First Appearance While he once made a deal with Risky and kidnapped Mimic in exchange for a lifetime supply of coffee, he'd come to bitterly regret this decision and try to make amends with Shantae, in his own way, later on. Squid Baron calls Shantae a tomboy at some point.

To be fair, Rottytops is stowing away in the former, Once Shantae has her magic restored, she practically. If the Empress Siren does betray her? The parents of Sky.

She also gets an even more revealing gold bikini for her "Princess" outfit in Pirate's Curse. At the end of the game, Shantae is betrayed by Rottytops to Risky Boots in exchange for her brains (although Risky chooses to back down from the deal) and loses her genie powers, she is then shown to be much less self-assured, despite the fact that she manages to defeat the evil embodiment of her powers, Nega-Shantae, which caused Shantae to lose her powers.

Sky can't wait for Shantae to see more of the world and life's surprises, and seems to be in a hurry to grow up. Shantae Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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