rip joel last of us

rip joel last of us

Very good explanation, but I still think Joel's choice was morally questionable. Robert reveals he sold their guns to the Fireflies, so they kill him, deciding they need to reason with the Fireflies to get their weapons back. Sarah died for absolutely nothing, and neither the needs of the many nor the few were met. It bit her friend, and her friend became fully infected. The pair are, however, surprised when Ellie is revealed to be infected. He also kept one in his house, before the outbreak. They meet at the settlement, Maria being extremely hostile to him. Is Joel screaming throughout? Marlene disregards him, however, saying that he is not in a position to make decisions and that her decision to sacrifice Ellie will save millions. The Last of Us The Last of Us: Left Behind The Last of Us: One Night Live The Last of Us Part II Upon meeting Ellie, he initially had a rocky relationship with her. Joel wore a watch that was a gifted to him by Sarah for his birthday the day before the outbreak; twenty years later, it had broken, likely from two decades of surviving in a post-outbreak world. Joel, sitting down on a chair while cleaning an acoustic guitar, began to tell Tommy all about what happened from smuggling Ellie to the Fireflies, their journey halfway across the country, and the eventual revelation that Ellie will be used for the cure, albeit at the cost of her life. Joel confesses Ellie's immunity to his brother. Both share the same philosophy and the same ruthlessness, earning a fearsome reputation in the Boston Quarantine Zone. Fall arrives as Joel and Ellie reach Jackson County in Wyoming, where Joel believes his younger brother Tommy can show them the Firefly's location. Joel and Ellie fight Infected in Jackson. As they do leave, Joel tries to stop Ellie from staring at burnt corpses but the teenager just states she had "seen worse". He knows that Ellie doing this means a possible end to the apocalypse, but he made several hypothetical reasons in his head that kept stacking up just to justify his actions. He now viewed Ellie as someone he had to protect but still keep himself detached from to save his spirit, not wanting to lose someone close to him again. She jumps but makes it without his help, something Joel congratulates her for. By the end of the story Ellie was like a daughter to him. So, the ending of The Last of Us has Joel make a decision: Let the Fireflies kill Ellie in order to study her brain and find a vaccine, or fight the Fireflies and save Ellie. He was reluctant to let her use a gun and refused to admit that she saved his life. Ellie said, breaking the silence and bringing Joel to a full stop before exiting through the door. I think that after killing Marlene and escaping he could draw all of those conclusions. Joel agrees to join him, shortly going to sleep to "rest up". He calls her "baby girl," the same term of endearment he used for Sarah. When he was mortally wounded, he was unable to move faster than a walk and struggled to climb over obstacles or stay on Callus. Joel and Ellie are still alive, albeit barely, when the camera cuts to black; these animations are not so much “death” scenes as “being killed” scenes.

Ellie tries to pick him up but can't, begging him to tell her what to do.[39]. He cleared out a few Runners and then waited for them at a ski lodge, playing Ellie's guitar. To save Ellie during the final chapter, Joel kills almost every Firefly in the hospital, … He was reluctant or simply refused to speak about people he had lost along the way (Sarah, Tess, Sam, Henry). Regardless, Henry shot Sam dead as Joel went for his gun again. They see horses, Joel learning that Ellie also knows how to ride one. Marlene reveals the "cargo" is Ellie, surprising Joel, who avoids looking at the girl. Technically, the right thing to do is to kill Joel and his family. Joel was also an expert at wielding a wide range of weapons, from handguns to rifles and bows, which he could use with great proficiency. Even though he acted out of fear of losing Ellie and instead of thinking about why he made that enormous lie about the fireflies having tried with other immune people.

A couple of years after integrating into Jackson, Joel became well-known and respected within the community. Regardless, the two soon argue about Ellie's custody, Joel greatly angered that Tommy is playing "the pissy little brother". Tommy cared about Joel enough that he covered him and Joel's daughter Sarah with his revolver during the initial outbreak and spent the majority of the post-apocalyptic years together, looking out for one another.

Ellie also cared greatly for Joel, spending an entire winter feeding and protecting him when he was injured, just as Joel cared for her and protected her throughout their journey. Upon leaving the hideout, he encounters the same group of survivors who seem to know her whereabouts. Even with this hostility buried, it arose again when Henry abandoned Joel during their escape from the city. As Joel tries to get the group to let them pass through, someone on the inside begins opening the door - the man is revealed to be Tommy. Joel saw that trying to detach himself from anyone and everyone he meets will likely result in him ending up paranoid and alone. Hell yeah.". Bill lectures Joel about "caring for someone". [29] After they kill the group, Joel finally feels Ellie has earned the right to carry a pistol, though he declares it is "for emergencies only".[30]. Joel spends much of the journey driving, leaving Ellie to sleep. Ellie notes that Joel had stained his hands with innocent blood when he revealed to her that he had been "on both sides", thus having the knowledge about a hunters' ambush and anticipating it. Joel plans to go to a town where he believes they can meet Bill, the mechanic who owes him a favor. Despite this, when the brothers meet up again in Jackson County, Tommy was very glad to see Joel, embracing him and joking about his age despite Joel's doubts Tommy would forgive him. But as cringeworthy as this kill is, it has a definitive beginning, middle, and end. Head trauma due to repeated physical assault by, Concept art featured on the cover of The Art of. Despite this, he still felt guilty for lying to Ellie.

Press J to jump to the feed. There are other ways of combating the fungus, and the surviving population will advance technology to the point where the cordyceps fungus will not only be dealt with, but virtually wiped off the face of the earth.

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