marshall origin 5 review

marshall origin 5 review

At first I was a little disappointed at the sound I was getting but found the trick is to turn the tone controls all the way up, engage the boost adjust volume to desired amount of crunch and adjust the tilt to taste and boom there was that classic Marshall sound.

I like it, it's good for bedroom and studio.

Guitar volume up full, it'll sing for solos and provide good harmonic feedback. Bath I am already looking for an upgrade because of the easy pay plan. Are new Epiphone guitar models coming? Haven't yet tried recording with it but years of experience tell me it should be just fine, stick a nice ribbon mic on it and go.

Classic Marshall tone in a quality, five-watt all-valve package. The Class 5 is rudely loud - enough to upset your neighbours to legal action levels and then some.

This is not a high-gain amp.

The Class 5 is made here in the UK, and while it's not really Guitarist policy to politicise, the benefits of a potentially high-production-numbers amp being made in Bletchley are obvious in the current economic conditions.

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Twenty years ago, the Class 5 may well have been laughed out of the music store - back then a five-watt amp had no right to sound good.

There was a problem.

Upsetting the neighbours – should it have a master volume. The time-honoured approach is to whack everything up to boiling point and use the guitar's volume pot to regulate back from there. Its sound is partly rooted in vintage Marshall, but its relatively flat and full-frequency profile is perfect for pedalboard tone sculptors. An external speaker cabinet is the best way to get the most out of this little powerhouse.

It looks like something from days gone by.I would definitely recommend this amp to someone looking for a good low gain amp. What was going on?

You may rarely touch the bass, mid, treble, or presence knobs, because the tilt control might do everything you need.

The headphones output is useful for silent practice, though you don't want to be cranking the Class 5 through your cans because it's extremely loud, and it can start sounding very raspy through the headphones at higher levels.

It's powered by a brace of ECC83s in the preamp stage and a lone EL84 for power, making it good - according to Marshall - for practice, rehearsals and small or mic'd gigs. 4 of 4 people (100%) people found this review helpful. So, armed with a vintage-style Stratocaster and with everything on the amp set to three o'clock we get to work. The trade-off for maintaining UK jobs is price, of course, yet with a quality birch-ply cabinet and generally high build quality throughout, Marshall has done well to bring the Class 5 in as low as this. I personally set the Treble around 3 or 4 and set the Tilt at around four. Hear the Class 5 put through its paces with a Strat and a Les Paul in the following clip: There's just one input option and one volume knob on the Class 5, so you won't spend too much time worrying about how best to set it up. But… but everyone used this thing for awesome high gain sounds!

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Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Infinitely more rewarding is the extension speaker output - hooked up to a 4 x 12, you benefit from all that extra moving air, making the Class 5 sound gigantic.

Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Former semi-pro now a stay-at-home jammer. for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases. Times have changed radically though, in that many players are willing to drop their bravado guard and finally admit that a little amp cranked up is often much more satisfying than a big one tethered down to tick over. England and Wales company registration number 2008885.

There's a single, no-frills PCB that houses most of the amp's components, including the valve bases, while the transformers, IEC mains connector, headphones and speaker outs are chassis-mounted.

No messin' - just plug in, turn up, wig out: exactly as it should be.

Much creative thinking went into Marshall’s Origin 50C. If you want that look into the DSL Series.This amp is based on the earliest Marshalls like the JTM45.

The cabinet is ported slightly at the rear, which serves to keep the bottom-end tight and full, but releases enough air to stop the cab from sounding overly directional or boxy, which can be an issue with little amps.

Destined to be extremely popular, and deservedly so. I wish it had a reverb, and a little more room for cleans. Welcome Marshall's Class 5, a five-watt, class A, all-valve combo that sings simplicity, tone and portability as its three-part battle song. Marshall Origin 50 Review. It's powered by a brace of ECC83s in the preamp stage and a lone EL84 for power, making it good - according to Marshall - for practice, rehearsals and small or mic'd gigs. With the Strat's volume up full, the overdrive feels very sixties to this reviewer - think Jimi Hendrix and 1960s Beck as the general ballpark. Switch to humbuckers on a Gibson-style guitar and things start overdriving much earlier. With a nod to the iconic Plexi sounds in a single-channel, low watt combo perfect for classic rock enthusiasts.

Its combination of satisfying tones, usable volume, portability and, of course, price all add up to a winning package. The overall tonality is very much 'Plexi'/Bluesbreaker, with hints of that punch-in-the-chest mid-range, but softened and rounded slightly because of the lower power and, doubtless, the EL84 power valve.

Mick Taylor MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Please refresh the page and try again. At $799, the Origin 50C is a big, big bargain. £330 for five watts, you might ask? Everything is screwed very securely with the main board fitted on metal standoffs so that it all feels pretty secure. Receive news and offers from our other brands? We'll reiterate again that this is a very loud little amp.

We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Combos don't come much cooler, or cuter than this. The trade-off for all of this singing tone at lower volumes is, of course, the sacrificing of much clean headroom at anything other than low levels, so anyone who's looking for a gig-level clean picker should definitely look elsewhere. Visually the Class 5 pays homage to Marshall's revered mid-sixties 'Bluesbreaker' and 18-watt combos, with its black vinyl, 'Plexi'-style top-mounted control panel and short front insert. Those cabs, one open-backed and one sealed, makes 5 watts sound like 35 - it can roar.I haven't used the FX loop but I love the Boost function. With various combinations of a Keeley-modded Tube Screamer, Fulltone Full-Drive II and a Crowther Hot Cake, we were spanning the gamut of Southern rock and blues sounds from Billy Gibbons to David Grissom and beyond. The amp chassis is a fairly thin, bent aluminium box, but is bolted to the back and top panels so that nothing can flex or move. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Good sound, not a lot head room for cleans but its has an 8 inch speaker. By

This is Bluesbreakers-era Clapton all over - fat and compressy - through to a good AC/DC-style crunch. ©

Welcome Marshall's Class 5, a five-watt, class A, all-valve combo that sings simplicity, tone and portability as its three-part battle song.

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