mandalorian cameos

mandalorian cameos

This episode of The Mandalorian had an amazing guest cast, including blink-and-you’ll miss it cameos from three Star Wars directors and the one …

So much of this is so fun to ponder that it’s a pity Burr couldn’t be higher on this list, but my man dropped Baby Yoda, and we cannot stand for that. She’s got one of the least comedic guest roles in The Mandalorian, but she carries it well, and gives the series a lot more depth when it desperately needs it. Ida Darvish plays the informative waitress that serves bone broth and is credited as Common House Proprietor. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Japanese Week as a concept, but this episode illustrates all the ways it can go bad. Good work, Mandalorian. very strong, very negative opinions about.

The peak of incongruous Mandalorian cameos arrives in the form of Amy Sedaris, wearing a Ripley-from-Alien wig and playing a hardened mechanic who also becomes a loving caregiver to Baby Yoda for an episode. The most famous nip slip in Star Wars history? Did you know that Bobby Cannavale and Jenny Lumet had a son who is now 24 years old? The gruff mumbling with echoes of Deadwood and Justified! Solid badassery from Wen, but sadly she loses points for suggesting anyone harm Baby Yoda, and also for being killed by Jake Cannavale (just … not the best look).

Despite her skills, the two of them manage to take her captive, and Toro later kills her after she tempts him with the possibility of capturing Baby Yoda.

It’s Tonks from Harry Potter, and also Osha from Game of Thrones, but in space now!

She’s got one of the least comedic guest roles in The Mandalorian, but she carries it well, and gives the series a lot more depth when it desperately needs it.

In a similar vein to casting the delightful Waititi as the killer droid IG-11, we have the delightful Richard Ayoade as the killer droid Zero.

You get a delightful pair of goofy villagers! This is the way to legitimize the western side of your space western.

At one point Timothy Olyphant pronounces the words “silicax crystals” and I cooed with delight. The gruff mumbling with echoes of Deadwood and Justified!

Spike Lee Says Jared Kushner Welcome to Bring His ‘Punk Ass’ to Brooklyn, “What the hell is he talking about?

You want a delightful pair of goofy villagers?

Jason Blum Won’t Let a Pandemic Stop His Low-Budget-Horror Machine, Kim Kardashian Channels Her Inner Tiger Queen for Halloween.

We don’t want to succeed!?

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