hotone pedals review

hotone pedals review

And I only have a tiny amount of space.

I currently have a Hotone Grass which sounds good but I'm finding it to be way too compressed. So, I've started looking for something else. The Gear. I also have the Hotone which is great, but I agree it is quite compressed and a bit rougher around the edges than the Zen. I'd hate to buy one only to end up with an almost identical pedal that is just as compressed sounding as the Hotone. By: Search Advanced search… New posts.

It has the least amount of compression I've experienced in a dumble pedal.

In May of 2016 we reviewed Hotone’s Mojo Diamond Nano Legacy amp.Now they’re at it again, this time going across the pond to capture that classic British AC30 tone. I've gone through at least half a dozen Dumble-style pedals and finally wound up with the Zendrive - to me it sounds the best so far. So is the Dumbler less compressed than the Hotone Grass? I’m a fan of Hotone pedals and have a couple of their stompboxes permanently attached to my pedalboard. Why is Chinese gear almost always bad quality. Should be here by the weekend so I'll be able to A/B it with the Hotone. Both are great, but the DMBL does pretty much what you ask.

The Mojo looks pretty cool but I'd really prefer to find something in a micro enclosure. Menu Log in Register Navigation. So this sounds just about perfect. I have a Dumbler. Oddly this thread convinced me to get the Hotone grass. Latest reviews Search resources. Trending. Plus, it is touch sensitive so getting your dynamics right with it is important. I've found it needs a bit of tweaking to get a good match from guitar and amp. Log in Register. For what I've read the Rumble Drive (aka Dumbler) is a little more sonically versatile.

It's essentially a Zen Drive clone. Slightly off topic, but I saw this thread and ordered the Tomsline Plexion out of curiosity.

Digital & Modeling Gear. It's a bit of a one-trick pony but to my ears it delivers exactly the sound I want to hear. Performer Magazine reviews the Hotone British Invasion Nano Legacy Amp, a small Vox-like amp that won’t break the bank.


Thread starter alanalanalan; Start … Current visitors. Hotone Xtomp Mini review A more compact version of the chameleon-like pedal that provides a blank canvas for you to fill with whatever effects you choose By Trevor Curwen 05 November 2017 User review from MGR/Brian Johnston about Hotone Audio OMNI IR : Authentic Sounding with a Wide Array of Guitar and Bass Cabinets ... each company has its own flair and uniqueness that can sound great with one type of guitar or a slew of pedals, and yet sound mediocre with other gear.

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Its perfect for chords. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. Search forums.

Also, I can afford to experiment with $35 to $40 pedals, but not so much with $180 pedals. With the Xtomp , they take that to a whole new level. Fryette warns against using certain designed SS amps (those whose speaker out is NOT grounded), so I contacted Hotone and verified that the Nano Legacy 5 watters are in fact speaker out grounded and more specifically that it is compatable to use w/ the PS-2. What's new Search. I missed out on a Mojo Hand FX DMBL simply because I was waiting for one pedal to sell so I could buy another. Many of us change our pedal setup on a regular basis and owning an Xtomp would enable that variety without any buying, selling or swapping of a physical pedal. Thanks! Why exactly does Reverb not let you cancel an offer you made? Members. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Shares. I'd guess it would be close. From Mojohand FX I have both, the DMBL and the Extra Special.

You must log in or register to reply here. It's great for leads but somewhat mushy for chords. Well, for $40 I couldn't resist and ordered the Tomsline Dumbler. New - Hotone Ampero Stomp. Not disputing this necessarily but wondering how you know this - marketing copy, circuit trace, a link? Forums. The Extra Special has more gain and is more compressed. I might end up having to expand my pedalboard again though so I may end up with enough room for a larger enclosure. Search. More options. I've not used the line outs of either the Hotone nor the PS-2. Also, I can afford to experiment with $35 to $40 pedals, but not so much with $180 pedals. Saving space on pedalboards without compromising functionality, has always been one of their main focuses. Change style Contact us.

They’re tiny, saving a bunch of room on my board, and are very well constructed - what’s not to love. Would still have a hard time justifying experimenting with $180 pedals though. Search titles only.

Our Verdict .

Pros Large range of available effects; quick loading; stylish design; …

If you can deal with the size then check out the mojo hand dmbl.

Been looking for something to give me an ultra smooth very compressed tone for some leads. After all, they are trying to copy the same thing. The smart pedal has truly arrived. Hotone Xtomp review A real chameleon of a pedal £179; €222; By Trevor Curwen 12 September 2016. and I'm not into recording.

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