guitar rig vs amplitube

guitar rig vs amplitube

Messages 2,382. I see where you’re coming from though, digital clipping certainly is something I want to avoid at all costs. Amplitube is the original guitar amp modeling software and has evolved into the extraordinary version 4 after almost a couple of decades of development.

There are 89 guitar amps and 4 bass amps, 50 guitar cabinets and 2 bass cabinets, 77 effects and 18 microphones. GTR3 Stomps is where you’ll find your stomp-box effects. The Rig Player technology lets you sample in any hardware and reproduce every nuance.

Most audio interfaces have instrument inputs for acoustic and electric guitars and so we can record the audio dry and add and change the effects when mixing. To me it sounds so incredibly natural. It's not trying to emulate or model anything else, it's its own thing.

I must repeat here though. Once you’ve spent a few weeks in the presets you could consider running impulses through your hardware rig to capture the response and use it as a software preset — that’s nuts! Besides this, you can tweak amp/pedal schematic, set amp-speaker interaction, use input/output ACT profiles... And now with the ACT combo you can clone any legendary guitar amp sound or use profiles created by other users. The 10 Best Music Schools (2020/2021): Attending College in the Age of COVID-19, Learn Music Theory for Beginners: We Answer Your Questions, How to Make a Song at Home: 10 Steps for Novice Songwriters, Best USB Microphone for Live Streaming Music from Home, 8 Best Synth VSTs to Push the Limits of Your Sound, Best Mixing Headphones (2020/2021) for DIY Home Producers. Anything can be placed anywhere in the chain. Despite the size and scope of BIAS FX2 it somehow manages to hold it all together better than TH-U Full.

Native Instruments has also been using the Guitar Rig plugin as a shell for some of their other products too. Whoa… I’ve been messing around with GR5 for quite some time but I sure as heck can’t figure out how you pulled off the drone. . Copyright © 2020 Cakewalk, Inc. All rights reserved. Have just started watching Tom Quayle’s module on Modern Legato playing and hope my licks will start to improve!!

I used GR for years, and it's benefit seems to be more for complex sounds. Routing options are versatile and complex, and you can keep loading up the effects and signal chains until you run out of CPU power.

Which amp model are you using for that clip? Chain: Fast Comp, Solid EQ, AMP, Tape Echo, Vintage Verb, VC 160 Comp. Terms of Service apply. It’s incredibly responsive as well, I can go from a high gain tone with the Gratifier (Mesa/Boogie) to a pretty convincing clean with nothing more than my volume knob. I've used Guitar Rig 5 for years.

It lacks the pizazz of some of the others, opting for solid usable sounds that are simple to use, leaving you to get on with the playing. The only thing I dislike is the relative lack of sustain on lower gain tones in my opinion (compared to a real cranked amp), I find other modellers such as my Zoom G9 and Peavey ReValver give me a fair bit more sustain, although I do play a Strat, YMMV.

I like S-Gear and TH 3, but with the amp matching technology I may have to try Bias Amp Pro; I'm definitely going to look into it on you tube and see how well that works. Guitar Rig is capable of that and so much more. GTR3 Toolbox brings it all together in a standalone version that can load up to 2 GTR3 Amps, 6 GTR3 Stomps and the tuner in one piece of software. Do let me know how good it is after putting it through its paces.

Didn't think much of Amplitube.

Guitar rig vs amplitude.

And how.

This is where Amplitube is a bit lacking in my view.

The “Brown” Fender is a crisp and clear combi amp which can be both mellow and bluesy.

Each amp has Drive, Pan, a Phase switch and Delay controls and these are standardized regardless of which amp you start with. I took a riff that I recorded direct and ran it through 3 different amps in Amplitube and then 3 in Guitar Rig. I can’t remember how I set that particular patch up, but when I do drones like that I start off with the volume pedal(connected to my MIDI Expression pedal), then some EQ(Solid EQ. I recently bought the full version of Amplitube 3 while IK had their 3 for 1 sale on and have to say I'm really impressed. Messages 2,382. But that’s only part of the story. there are metric tons of info about these software and others here and on the digital modeling forum. Also still use Waves GTR a lot.

Street Price: Waves GTR3 – $129 but usually on sale for around $49, which makes this fantastic value. Positive Grid says that this will turn your computer into an all-in-one guitar powerhouse while remaining simple and intuitive. But when you need a bit more precision, then the Control Room section gives you control: up to 16 high-end microphones with 3 positions for optimum recording. I am not sure it sounds better or worse…it just sounds different. Of the guitar sims I've tried, Amplitube 4 seems to sound the most real with the least effort to me. thank you for this article and for the samples, very useful! Who here has used these? Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro 5. Yeah, I find I lack confidence in terms of legato/runs, especially when I’m on video and I don’t want to risk playing something which I might mess up, lol.

With its simple amp-head interface you get to pick the amp type, up to 2 cabinets and 2 microphones. There is only ONE reverb pedal available and that’s the Fender Spring Reverb. I was amazed that I didn't find a vs thread between these two. There are some weird modifier modules where you can control any parameter with LFOs, Analog and Step Sequencers or Envelope.

I feel that Amp 4 and GTR is enough, the rest is up to me.

richpjr Member. ReValver is the winner in all amp-sim tests for me. what i have found in the past is that i may be noodling around with amplitube 3 or 4 or th2 or th3 or thermionik or whatever, and i'll just add drums and bass etc, every time when i switch the amp sim to bias amp or fx it's always just better, and i don't switch it back. On sale for $159.00 now. So far I’m loving the tones, especially doing dual amp setups with the Marshalls. We’ll finish off with a selection of plugins that have achieved cult status amongst computer-based guitarists. Hopefully this will cover the tonal gamut of what Guitar Rig 4 is capable of. The online tone bank that you can download from is astounding.

Never understood why people hang their guitars on the wall. It comes down to personal preference really.

The only shortcoming is that there are no pedal sims. I don't have Guitar Rig 5 yet, but I've been using ReValver III.V and Guitar Rig 4, plus I've tried Overloud TH1 and LePou plug ins as well. The Reflektor reverb has some nice long impulses.

For many of us, micing up a guitar amp and cabinet is unpractical and very, very loud.

Or, with the latency set low, we can play through the effects in real-time and enjoy comparing amp and cabinet combinations, virtual microphone positioning and chain upon chain of effects.

As I say, I’m planning on uploading some new videos soon, including a Shred This Re-Entry, Andromeda, an Adam Nitti tune and a Bach Prelude in the near future. I play mostly clean and have found Revalver better than GR and Amplitube. Besides having the most natural amp/cab sound and behaviour, it has a special setting for the pickup estimated output. Tried Amplitube, Bias, LePou, Pod Farm, etc. They are dead easy to use, no deep or crazy functionality, just solid tone and predictably good results. They’ve been officially endorsed by Fender, Orange, Ampeg, T•Rex, Jet City and a lot more.

S-Gear is my favorite. I know how to make it … What kinda of you music you intending on using it for?

Infinite Guitar is protected by reCAPTCHA. But guitarists are tweakers. I'd suggest downloading the demos and playing/listening to them via your monitors/phones. I admit it is rare that one can find a sound that holds up all the way through the production but I think It's getting close. If microphone placement is your thing then in TH-U Full you can place it in any 3D space in front or behind the cabinet. As we all know, hotter pickups drive amps/pedals harder. I’ll do a more in depth audio review once I’ve played around with it a bit more, I’ll probably put a few bits and pieces on Youtube too. I've either used or sampled most everything. In setting up your rig you have 9 amplifiers, 10 cabinets and 29 vintage and modern speaker models to choose from. It can download thousands of more effect pedals from their online community and you create your own and share those with the world. My ole pal. The first thing you’ll notice is that the interface is a bit boring — they call it “clear and concise.” But once you’ve got over that you’ll find the sounds are superb. It's always interesting to me how subjective guitar tone is to folks. I’m using a splitter, using both the JCM800 and Hot Plex with about two thirds of the signal JCM800 and one third Plex. The Zoom can do that highly saturated lead tone fairly well, but that’s about it. The interface is just what it needs to be. Space is limited where I live and sound isolation would be a major issue.

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I’m trying to record more at the minute though, so hopefully I should get used to it.

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Are you saying they aren't Lars?

Legatofix, I’ve just uploaded this, it’s a quick demo of Guitar Rig 4 in a funk/fusion context. Hi there IG users,

And the drone sound is awesome…mymy. I have but don't use Guitar Rig. Some of the effect combinations are amazing and you can keep on racking them up. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. They are flexible, extensive and sound pretty darn good these days.

Fortunately, several plugins offer virtual amplifiers, cabinets and effects to give your guitar performance that much needed tone. I have a love/hate with Bias. It has a “Custom Shop” store built in where you can buy additional amps and effects and 100s of presets. There are 5 British amps based on Marshall classics including the Red Pig Major. So I can’t really say one is better than the other.

You need an account to post a reply. But their Guitar Rig software has been a fixture for many years and now in version 5 offers a comprehensive and edgy range of tools. Guitar Rig Pro 5 is less traditional and more quirky with a huge range of sonic possibilities. © 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Content may not be duplicated without express written permission. The flowchart has 8 different configurations so it’s a piece of cake if you want a full double amp setup. It’s just one instance of GR.

I'm getting into using some amp simulators for demos as it's easier and quieter (obviously) to work at any time of the day or night. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Over in the Cabinet section, you can go with the cabinet that matches your amp selection or swap out any of the other ones on offer. A spring ‘verb just doesn’t cut it for ambient playing.

I agree with Jim. I have Guitar Rig and Amplitube. I'm not a fan of IKM but their Fender reverb amps are very authentic sounding. Of course the hardest thing to emulate digitally is heavy distortion. Already have an account? They’re just…different. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised.

guit rig is usually my last choice. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. kind if liking Amplitude (With no add on packs).

I have Line 6 Pod Farm 2.0 and have demoed both Amplitube and Revalver stuff. It’s an extraordinary thing.

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